Saturday, 23 October 2010

Kaatje Vermeire

Kaatje Vermeire (1981) is a Flemish illustrator whose work was exhibited at Bologna Ragazza 2010, together with that of Carll Cneut. They were both sponsored by the Flemish Fund for Literature. "De vrouw en het jongetje" in by Unicorn, text by Geert de Kockere, is also published in Spanish, "La Senora y el Nino", Barbara Fiore Editora. Vermeire studied Graphic Design and Advertising, followed by Printmaking at the Ghent Academy. She has an experimental approach to printmaking, using etching techniques together with found materials such as lace, string and wire, to obtain texture, putting them directly under the press, consequently reworking into the plate, and also into the print with pencil and paint, and finally scanning into Photoshop in layers, and bringing all the layers together into a final composition. Her work could just as easily sit in a gallery as well as in the pages of a book and attests to her ability to find subtle and delicate ways to communicate and portray difficult subject matter.
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