Saturday, 9 October 2010

Diorama as pastiche

Is is the colours, the lighting of the backdrop, the hazy dreamy look about it, the colours of yesteryear, or just that it has acquired an aura about it with age? Is is an older type of landscape painting, looking towards a different ideal? A wholehearted belief in something wonderful, more optimistic somehow. Perhaps a more wholehearted belief in man's dominion over the animals and the natural world. Wanting to depict animals in an idyllic setting even if they were about to be pounced upon by another. Perhaps it is that a lot of the dioramas are quite old now, and the work done by previous esteemed diorama artists is periodically subject to conservation and renovation.

However, it could be looked upon as shop window dressing in a way. Preserving little scenes or tableaux.

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