Saturday, 23 October 2010

Carnovsky wallpaper

"Color est e pluribus unus" is a famous Virgil phrase taken from his poem "Moretum" and describes the blending of colours into one. Having that in mind, Franscesco Rugi and Silvia Quintalilla, the names behind Milan based collective "Carnovsky", got inspired and created for Jannelli & Volpi, the famous Italian wallpaper brand, a very special series of wallpapers named RGB. First presented during Milan Design Week at Jannelli & Volpi store, RGB is a collection of wallpapers that surprising mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus. It consists in the overlapping of three different patterns that results in unexpected and disorienting images. The colours mix up, the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric and completely clear. Through a filter (a coloured light or transparent material) it is possible to see clearly the layers in which the image is composed. Each one of the red, green and blue filters serve to reveal just one of the three patterns, hiding the other two. Pure magic!"

Johanssen Gallery, Berlin.