Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Looking for imagery which suggests the story of "Preservation" by Hannah Tinti, which is a multi-layered short story, set in a museum, using the idea of diorama imitating life, preserving time, addressing the questions of how we preserve life-like qualities and suspend time in the act of taxidermy. There is also the question of how museums change according to changes in society, although this can happen slowly, and some museums can seem suspended in time in the way they display things. This can be viewed as stultifying out of date, or strangely calming in it's non-interactive state. In any case, this short story also deals with the impending death of the main character's father, whose fears and longings are projected onto a lifeless stuffed bear exhibit, which comes to life one evening as she is inside a diorama finished off painting the background scenes. It peers into the glass of the diorama and starts to jump up and down against it.

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