Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Professional Feedback regarding my work.

Reply from Gemma Daley, Head of Creative Services & Communications at Clinical Solutions and Freelance Designer.

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My first impression is that the works are energetic and multi-faceted. They have a child like innocence and delicacy to the inked elements.

I appreciate and how the elements (color, shape, line, texture, space, form, value) are juxtaposed on the page to create an unnerved and enclosed feeling, the feeling of home but in the wrong place. The principles of design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement/rhythm, unity, variety) have been used very well, particularly in the first two, the third (featuring the monkey) seems less evocative, perhaps as it features no humans?

I notice that the artist's choice of materials ranges from paint, ink, photography and paper textures, this gives the artwork energy and depth, enticing the viewer to engage and explore the work.

I think the artworks describe through the imagery and association, quite clearly what they are about. They are very accessible and I was able to understand the artists messaging. Overall I like the first and second piece as I feel the incorporate much more energy and feeling.

Reply from Elizabeth Eagle-Simbeye, Senior Digital Designer at Vividlime, and Director of 5Ten Design.

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Janet Kershaw’s colour palate is the first thing that strikes me considering the subject matter of her project. Its balance and control brings something new and sets the stage for each piece perfectly. The Zookeepers Wife is set in dark times, yet it is a story of hope, courage and kindness. It is empowering and I see this essence of empowerment and strength in the boldness of colour used.

From this initial boldness I was then drawn into the details of the artwork, the use of lines, shadow and depth helps to set each scene. My eyes naturally move around the pieces, taking in each element; some parts complex others simple illustrations and marking. The work is very much 3 dimensional and textured, which is in keeping with the story of ‘The Zoo Keepers Wife’.

The incorporation of collaged photography also works well, and again there is the natural balance that aids the composition. Object placement has been considered and layered to lead you further into the picture. There is a sense of darkness lurking the in the background, which you find yourself drawn to, yet that is where it stays – lurking. The joy and safety is within the confines of the zoo and Janet has captured this well.

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