Sunday, 15 May 2011

Szymon Tenenbaum's Entomology Collection.

This is one of my final pieces for the mini exhibition before the final show. I started to look at the architecture of the pinning of the insects whilst studying them at Manchester Museum. Having been looking at modern architecture a lot, I started to notice the resemblance of the constructed tiers and cantilevered systems. The display of tiny insects all pinned in hordes resembled a city in miniature, and I connected this with the street map I had seen of the Warsaw Ghetto, to which Szymon Tenenbaum, a professional entomologist, whilst the Nazi officer in charge had his collection put into safekeeping at the zoo. This event started the means of escape from the ghetto, and being able to enter and leave without too much suspicion, although it was fraught with danger. The resemblance of the street map, on the skirt of the woman, the platforms of the insects, the cast shadows and doorways, and the play of disguise are the basis for this image.

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