Thursday, 6 May 2010

Deborah Riley's polymer photogravures: utilising both the principles of darkroom photography and the process of printmaking.

The work of Deborah Riley could be said to have transcended mere technique.

The method was first developed in 1989 by Danish printmaker Eli Ponsaing. His main invention was to realise that polymer plates used for letterpress printing could successfully be used for intaglio printing. In polymer photogravure traditional pigment paper and copper is replaced by light sensitive photopolymer resin plates. The polymer plates are printed in the same manner as traditional etching plates. The process requires a darkroom, an etching press, and a good UV vacuum frame. If darkroom facilities are not available, it is possible to make positive originals on plastic foils or on glass surfaces.

The Possibilities of Polymer Photogravure by Kari Holopainen.

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