Monday, 3 January 2011

Reply from Cristina Sitja Rubio

I had a lovely friendly reply from Cristina, where she kindly answered a few questions I had put to her, for example, where she might get her inspiration and some general information on her working processes. Anyway she is obviously a huge natural talent and has a poetic way of portraying that. Here is a transcript of her reply, my questions are in brackets.

Hi Janet,
Sorry it has taken me so long to answer. I was so busy before travelling to Barcelona.
(Are you influenced by any artist in particular, or perhaps literature, or your own writing which suggest a basis for your work, or a starting point?)
I am not influenced by any artist ... at least not consciously, but I bet after looking at so much artwork out there, something ends up being reflected in my work. I am very much interesting in Julio Cortazar, Edgar Allen Poe and Borges ... but, once again, I am not aware if this is reflected in my work. I just draw and do not think much, unless it is a specific job where I am asked to think about something.
(If you are given a brief, what is your working process like in assembling your ideas on paper, and then towards the finished image. How much, if any, do you like to use digital tools, considering your work is beautifully hand drawn.)
I rarely make any sketches and work directly on the original work. I colour everything by hand and I only scan the final art piece in order to keep it in my archives. I like the pencil look, and leaving the traces that it was all done by hand. Sometimes I do take images from different drawings and assemble them in photoshop to create a digital collage ... but that is all.
(How do you divide your working time between Berlin and Barcelona?)
I do not divide it at all. I go to Barcelona to visit my grandma and if I have an illustration job, make it there and finish it in Berlin, since it is there that I have most of my tools ... like my scanner and my lovely printer and computer. Most of my clients are very flexible and kind:) ... so I am lucky. I decided to change photography for drawing, since I can draw anywhere and all I need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

So ... I hope the answers were ok.
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year,
and if you are ever in Berlin contact me.
take care

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